Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Marvin Gaye - "Final 24 - His Final Hours" DVD

At 44 years of age, Motown legend Marvin Gaye had already lived a life full of majestic highs and tragic lows. His murder at the hands of his controlling father was in 1984 was the end of a ride that saw Marvin reach international stardom and subsequently fall from grace due to issues with drugs and family strife. He was one of music's beloved icons, with a string of early soul hits that transcended the genre and reached into pop and mainstream success.

This 60-minute dramatization-documentary includes interviews with several of Gaye's family members and friends, and traces the path that Marvin took when he became increasingly paranoid (from his cocaine habit) and tangled with his troubled father. "Final 24" is respectful, and chooses to examine only the facts and not speculate on other issues in Gaye's life. It's an enlightening and not-too-sensationalistic examination of the events that led up to one of music's most influential icons' last moments. (MVD Visual)

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