Tuesday, August 24, 2010

BXI (Boris & Ian Astbury) - "BXI" EP

A surprise (and surprisingly good) set of 4 tunes, 3 of which feature vocals by Cult frontman Ian Astbury. Opening with the raw "Teeth And Claws", BXI showcases Boris' stoner-rock leanings well, and the added vocals by Astbury take it to an almost-radio-ready zone. The molasses-thick Melvins-like "We Are Witches" is heavier, and makes the later-period Cult material sound that much more anemic. This is a refreshing new sound experiment for Astbury, and the deep, grinding guitars and percussive thud of Boris provide a great backdrop. The cover of the seminal 1985 Cult hit "Rain" is faithful enough, with ethereal female vocals in place of Astbury, but it works well. The final track, "Magickal Child", is a slower ballad of sorts, but with Boris' chunky riffs and massive drums, it's epic. Good stuff, especially for Cult fans who've been turned off by that band's later material. Boris fans may see BXI as being too commercial, but I think it works well. I await the full-length from these international collaborators! (Southern Lord)


The Cult

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