Saturday, April 17, 2010

Henry Rollins "Harmony In My Head" free podcasts

If you don't know who Henry Rollins is, I probably don't want to speak with you at all. Sorry, but that's the truth. Usually, I'd feel obliged to do a brief synopsis of Henry's career, but not here. I'm here for a different reason -- to promote his radio program on KCRW, a listener-funded public radio station based out of Santa Monica College in Los Angeles, CA.

Henry's 2-hour weekly radio show (titled "Harmony In My Head") is where he and trusty Engineer X spin tales and tunes from the wildest out-jazz (Coltrane is especially well-represented) to classic punk rock to the finest Sublime Frequencies international sounds to Parliament and James Brown funk to the greatest pre- and post-punk like Wire, SWANS, Cramps, Suicide, Stooges, and tons more. It's a breathtaking mix of styles, genres, and vibes, and essential listening to anyone with an open mind and ear. Actual podcasts of this show aren't really available from the source, but luckily there is a fan-based site to archive and make these broadcasts available for download for those of us not able to listen live.

Rollins' radio shows run 2 hours apiece, and can be downloaded for free from this site:

Rollins Archive site

Just listening to a few of these shows will have you schooled. Absolutely superb, tasteful, and gut-level music for true heads.

Henry's site with blog, store, etc.

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