Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Bad Biology" (director: Frank Henenlotter)

Wow. I have been a huge fan of Henenlotter's 1982 exploitation/horror gem "Basket Case", and to a lesser degree his fairly sicko "Brain Damage" of 1988. But his return after a 16-year absence, modestly titled "Bad Biology", takes his low-budget trash cinema aesthetic a couple of steps further. Not sure exactly how to describe this one, so here goes.

We meet Jennifer, played by Charlee Danielson, who is a young art photographer with a terribly tragic past. See, she was born with a proliferation of clitorises, and her need for sexual fulfillment is well beyond that of normal women. She is a walking orgasm machine, without a solid relationship to call her own. If this reminds slightly of the legendary "Deep Throat", it's not too far a stretch. Anyway, Jennifer is a sort of sexual predator herself, with some other dark secrets that I won't get into.

Through a series of predicaments, she comes across (uhh...) a fellow named Batz (Anthony Sneed) who has a problem of his own. His penis is an enlarged, deformed beast with a will (and mind) of it's own (with an inhuman drug problem), and he cannot find meaningful relations with anyone due to this deformity. So go figure - the two meet, but just as Jennifer is dreaming of fulfillment, and ready to pounce, Batz' cock decides to leave. Yes, it inchworms itself around, terrorizing young ladies (also known as porn stars, if you must know) until the drugs wear off. It's really quite raunchy, but good, tasteless fun overall. I won't spoil anything else, but suffice to say it's quite a climax. Hah!

The acting here is sometimes crappy (as is the script), but hey, this one titillates (and there are plenty of tits). The soundtrack, consisting of quality forward-thinking hip-hop tunes from Prince Paul (and others) is superb. Recommended for the trashiest film fans only (like me). Prudes and purists need not apply for this one!

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