Friday, March 12, 2010

Sectioned - "Purulent Reality" CD

Hailing from England, this is the debut full-lengther from Sectioned, and their classic death metal roots are all showing here. With an unabashed affinity for old-school Florida-style death/thrash, Sectioned's dual guitar attack brings smoking leads, solos, mighty thumping kick-drums, and growly-vomit vocals. It's a hearty and potent mix, with tracks like "My Love Of Decay" standing out, does the raging "Village Of The Sun". It all ends with the melodic and reflective acoustic intro of "Purulent Reality (Outro)". This interesting bookend is evidence that Sectioned may yet have another side waiting to come out. That said, if death metal by the numbers appeals to you, there's a lot worse out there, and Sectioned know how to make a serious racket. I like this one. (Paragon Records)


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