Friday, March 12, 2010

DBR Daniel Bernard Roumain - "Woodbox Beats And Balladry" CD

Wholly unique in music, Roumain's experimental violin work traverses across genre boundaries effortlessly. From the opener, "Spaceships Over Haiti", he merges jazz, classical, and electronic sounds together into a sometimes-dizzying, always evocative mix. The second track ("Sonata For Violin and Turntables Part 4") brings in drum & bass rhythms for a modern classical-meets-techno hybrid. "Simone" is more reflective, which gives way to the hype of "Armstrong" -- a busy jam with Roumain's effected violins joined by a full band and some mad scratching. If this sounds like overload, it can be. "Sonata For Violin and Turntables, Part 2" is a trippy psychedelic journey, which contrasts nicely with the stately, lovely tones of the proto-classical "JMDL", which brings little more than piano and violin into the fray. It's a bewildering mix, and proves DBR to be a world-class composer and musical chameleon. Superlative and inventive work. (Thirsty Ear)

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