Saturday, March 6, 2010

Muse - "Under Review" DVD

Muse are a band I've enjoyed, but their predilection for sounding like other bands has been their ultimate downfall, in my eyes. Their earliest records (never released here in the states) echoed Radiohead far too closely, and in more recent times, Muse have done the unthinkable, and referred painfully to Freddie Mercury and Queen - blustery, pompous, and even operatic at times. This unauthorized documentary DVD, billed as "An independent critical analysis", does refer to these gripes, but generally goes off the deep end, citing Muse as great innovators, and one of the world's greatest groups. Hooey, I say. Former managers, UK music writers, and past producers are interviewed, and they all speak adoringly (perhaps too much so) about Muse's successes and glories. Taken with a grain of salt (or three), "Under Review" can be an entertaining look at the history of this epic stadium rock outfit, especially if you can get past the sycophantic spirit. (Sexy Intellectual via MVD Visual)


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