Wednesday, November 18, 2009

White Mice - "Ganjahovadose" CD

This is some seriously far-out, swollen, damaged stuff, from a group of Rhode Islanders who've been recording offensively for several years for a number of sub-underground labels. White Mice produce a potent cocktail of gross, tuneless and twisted mindfuck grindcore with enough rough edges to disorient even the staunchest death metal-head. "Ganjahovadose" features 10 tracks, though they blend together pretty well into one cluster of bent noise/beats and grizzled, agonized vocals. It's not blastbeats, though. White Mice's midtempo sound behemoth is hellbent on destroying through sheer overload. The mix and production here, by famous Skinny Puppy soundman Ken 'Hiwatt' Marshall, gives them plenty of space to throw their bloody furballs. The eighth track, "The Shroud Of Urine" brings on some proto-industrial sound loops to break up the din, but soon thereafter it's back to the hateful, psychedelic noise. Some of this even approaches a kind of free/out jazz, though jazz purists will scoff at that comparison. The point is, this is some seriously messed-up shit, for those with open minds (and maybe some ear protection). And the guys wear some sick white mouse costumes on stage, so I bet that's a sight to behold. You won't be hearing them on radio anytime soon, but this massive bloodclot of sound will clean out your ears, for sure. (20 Buck Spin)



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