Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Die Hard - "Nihilistic Vision" CD

Sweden's Die Hard 's debut openly recognizes it's inspirations -- classic thrash metal like Venom (who wrote the song "Die Hard", for which the band's name is appropriated), Celtic Frost, Slayer, and Sodom. Which is good, because that leaves comparisons and accusations far behind. As it is, "Nihilistic Vision" is full of solid, fast, and fist-pumping old-school thrash, with little time for any death or black metal accents, no sir. This is bold and strident thrash that harkens back to the days when this was the most dangerous music around. "Bloody War" is a gutteral assault of war-metal with multiple tempo changes that reminds me of viking days somehow. "Fed To The Lions" boasts some scalding guitar chug that could rival Slayer, even, and indeed sounds a lot like them. "Attack From The Back" is almost punk, though heavier than that implies. And on a trivial level, it seems these guys share a drummer with one of my favorite black metal acts, Watain, so consider that a recommendation. Good, strong, and faster-than-you classic thrash, Die Hard's "Nihilistic Vision" is a good, fearsome kick to the nads. Hail! (Agonia Records)

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