Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Storm Of Light - "Forgive Us Our Trespasses" CD

This album serves as a warning, and a document of mankind's widespread gluttony and greed over our own Mother Nature, and the devastating effects of Earth tipping the scales back into her favor. And to capture that heavy-duty concept, the music needs to be grand, all-encompassing, and absolutely omnipotent. "Forgive Us Our Trespasses" comes mightily close, and in fact works quite well under that condition. Formed in 2008 by Josh Graham (ex-Battle Of Mice, Neurosis visualist) and joined by Dominic Seita (Tombs, Asea), Andy Rice (Sinking Ships), and Joel Hamilton (Battle Of Mice, Book Of Knots), this incredible combo is primed to prove themselves juggernauts of environmentally-conscious, cerebral post-metal heaviness. The titanic rhythms and thunderous riffage of the aptly-titled "Tempest" envision a future wrought with apocalyptic cataclysm. The potent storms of doomy, slow, and tortuous grind here are melodic and dynamic, though, pulsing with ethereal undercurrents that envelop the monolithic slabs of pure, primal force. Lydia Lunch herself provides effected spoken parts through three cuts, and former Swans frontwoman Jarboe also adds her considerable vocal talents to a couple of songs, but this is really Graham's child, as he contributes just about every instrument to the mix, as well as conjuring the amazingly apocalyptic artwork on the sleeve and liners. "The Light In Their Eyes" places a mournful cello as the centerpiece, with martial drums and frightening soundtrack textures providing the color to the rendering. This is an album that warns of a possible, even inevitable, global environmental catastrophe. And the music provides a sort of soundtrack -- powerful, unstoppable, and ultimately sorrowful. This is a hell of a recording, and this group will be legendary if they can keep up with a creative zenith like this. (Neurot Recordings)

A Storm Of Light website

Link to exclusive video for "Tempest", on Brooklyn Vegan website

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