Monday, September 21, 2009

Shrinebuilder - "Shrinebuilder" CD

Heavy and and melodic psychedelic metal here, from a new project from prominent members of Om, Melvins, and Neurosis, with Wino (from the Obsessed) on vocals. "Shrinebuilder" draws on everything from stoner rock to classic metal to drone/tribal hybrids to lysergic improv, and to good effect. "Solar Benediction" evolves from heavy groove to mellow psychedelia in it's almost 9-minute duration, while "Pyramid To The Moon" is a huge and head-nodding slab of post-Sabbath groove, albeit with added space-out textures. "Blind For All To See" is a slow, churning drone-stone wanderer, sounding like a massive epic jam from another time and space. If big, monstrously heavy and monolothic doom metal is your thing, Shrinebuilder are certainly a must-hear. (Neurot Recordings)


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