Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Snake The Cross The Crown - "On A Carousel Of Sound, We Go Round" DVD/CD

Great news for fans of underrated indie rock act The Snake The Cross The Crown (like me)...Seriously, I love these guys' music, thanks to Chris Tracey for bringing them to my attention! It seems the band are releasing a DVD documentary, packaged with a CD of unreleased and B-side recordings...the film is directed by Nicholas Kleczewski, and is available for preorder through the Snake The Cross's website, though the UPS shipping of $9.00 minimum outright sucks, and prevents me from ordering immediately. Anyway, the trailer is now available, and here it is. These guys are so very good, and receive so little attention. Check out their CDs on Equal Vision, "Mander Salis" and "Cotton Teeth", which assimilate both Dylan and Radiohead, so if either of those artists appeal to your way of thinking, you should look at this. Pronto. Great guys, too. Saw them play a tiny bar in Eville (Indiana) to almost NO crowd, shamefully, a few years back. Support music like this...really!

The Snake The Cross website

The Snake Crossspace

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