Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Black - "Alongside Death" CD

These Swedish lads have no qualms about opening their latest with a pair of blasting, buzzing, trebly black metal xeroxes. I had tuned them out after a few minutes, even. No dynamics, no diversity, and in other words, utterly forgettable. The third cut, "A Contract Written In Ashes" finally slows things down, and basically shows a more developed direction with varying tempos and their classic metal roots showing. The rest of the LP, save for the refreshingly bleak, moody, and ambient instrumental "The Wrath From Beneath", further embraces the stereotypes and limitations of the black metal scene. I think The Black have some better material waiting to be released, as this one's pretty well another blur of black metal redundancy. (Pulverised)

The Blackspace

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