Monday, August 31, 2009

"Rabid" (director: David Cronenberg)

This early (1977) Cronenberg film follows a similar path to his other films of this era (most strikingly, "Shivers", and perhaps even his very early "Crimes Of The Future"). But on it's own merits, "Rabid" has a lot to say, especially in light of the pandemic fears of today. "28 Days Later" may also owe a substantial amount to Cronenberg's early paranoiac/disease horror like this.
Anyway, all that aside, the sweet and lovely Rose (played by a luscious, young Marilyn Chambers in one of her sole "mainstream" roles - hah) is given experimental plastic surgery at a fringe hospital (Keloid Clinic? Come on, now). Well, she becomes a host/vector for an undocumented virus/disease that makes those infected "rabid", with a lust for flesh. Perhaps with the plethora of zombie flicks around, this may seem rather elementary and even quaint. However, Cronenberg injects enough science into his horror, this sometimes seems more serious than it may actually be. It's certainly not one of his finer works, but holds up reasonably well. Enjoyable, but non-die hards should investigate the chilling "Videodrome" or "The Brood" for more inventive id-oriented science horror.

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