Sunday, August 30, 2009

PBK / ROE - "F" CD

Phillip Klingler and fellow sound artist Geary Roe II collaborate here on a highly-abstracted 78-minute set of dense textures and fairly dark sound manipulations. Sequenced by PBK from a series of live improvisations, "F" is a proposed soundtrack to the mind of Hans Fritzl, the (now-imprisoned) Austrian beast who kidnapped, imprisoned, and raped his daughter for 24 years. Not that this is some kind of morbid set of "industrial" music stereotypes, though. Not knowing the gory details/thematic intentions, the "F" CD is mostly ambient noise -- not a lot of jarring sounds, but mostly deeply collaged compositions, likely from manipulated electronics and circuit-bending. The CD itself has precious little info, in fact practically making this an anonymous release. I found it a pleasant bit of background listening, perfect for reading National Geographic to, believe it or not. (Somnimage / Power Silence)

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Bill H. said...

I've listened to some previous releases by PBk, and have enjoyed much of his collection, But Geary Roe II, I've never heard of, The sounds present on this album doesn't reflect any of pbk's previous entries,alot of background sounds, great for listening with headphones. as for Geary Roe hopefully we hear more from him, but the only thing I found was their myspace page hopefully more comes out