Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thomas Dimuzio & Andre Custodio /Conure - "Street Of Errs" CDR

Another in the splendid split release series from Monticello, Indiana's Cohort Records, this one pairs a sound artist familiar to me with some relative obscurities, with mixed results. Famous veteran sound sculptor Dimuzio here collaborates with Bay Area improv drummer & electronic artist Custodio for a single 19-minute deep, ominous, and resonant drone, recorded live with electronic processing and spontaneous feedback, loops, and synths. The track, 'Air Way', feels much like falling into a deep, metallic cavern -- bleak and spacy, with plenty of reverb and unsettlingly cold textures. It is quite engrossing, and the full duration had passed me by without hardly noticing. The other track on 'Street Of Errs' comes from American noise artist Mark Wilson's Conure project. Recorded live at the Pussycat Lounge in New York City, the 27-minute 'Murray Street' is a thunderous, abrasive, and unforgiving feedback attack, with distortion and processing drowning out any of the street sounds that are the basis for this composition. This one's strictly for the more jaded noise-heads, as it's really pretty relentless. Still, it's enjoyable to hear some good old fashioned noise once in a while. (Cohort Records)

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