Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Neurosis - "A Sun That Never Sets" DVD

As one of the longest-lived and influential of the so-called 'alt.metal' groups, progressive heavy band Neurosis have few peers (aside from maybe the mighty Melvins). Their scalding mix of detuned, post-SWANS lurch and grind is tempered by a penchant for fiery, pagan folk and even a good dose of tribal ambience (as with their alter-egos, Tribes of Neurot, who get an ambient visual section here, as well). 'A Sun That Never Sets' is the group's first video release, and it successfully blends the complex pulsations of the band's deep and dark sound alongside often abstracted visuals. The stop-motion, landscapes, kaleidoscopic images, and effected live footage (and a recurring raven theme) are collaged into a hefty and doomy accompaniment for Neurosis's searing, psychedelic intensity. It's a breathtakingly dense mix, simultaneously intoxicating and suffocating. That's an endorsement, I'd say. (Relapse Records)

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