Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Comedy Mixtape Vol.1" DVD (director: Russ Prez)

This is a comp (done in an annoying and distracting mixtape fashion) of some up-and-coming urban comics, and there's some fine material here, to be sure. Unfortunately, it's shot rather poorly, in bootleg style. And this very jumbling is what hurts 'Comedy Mixtape' the most -- it doesn't allow for any comic to really stand for themselves. Instead, we get splicey bits and pieces of each, without so much as a consideration of styles or attitudes. Cool Herc's pimp-tabulous style is melded with Nikki Carr's 'fat girl' humor. Sinck is a likeable and down to earth fellow, as is Marshall Brandon. Macio reminds me of a younger Bernie Mac (not a bad thing), though he tends to rattle on about Puerto Ricans an awful lot. Jay's fast-talking mannerisms are a blur. Overall? Not worth wading though the muck to find the gold. (ProWax via MVD Visual)

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