Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Young Widows - "Old Wounds" CD

Louisville has a thriving music scene, and Young Widows are a product of that particularly fertile ground. Consisting of former members of several punk and hardcore groups, Young Widows create a harsh, noisy, and angular post-punk sound that's akin to acts like the Melvins or Jesus Lizard. Evan Patterson's throat-scraping vocals wail and teeter just to the south of sanity, while the group behind him produce an energetic and feisty set of thunderous rock grooves with an element of ramshackle abandon. 'The Guitar' lets up with a bit of storytelling amidst the chaos, but then it's back to the crushingly dense din of 'Lucky And Hardheaded'. Kurt Ballou's engineering and mixing sounds a lot like Steve Albini's trademark -- dry and raw, and this only helps to present Young Widows as a road-weary but tight noise/rock unit for fans of the old 90's Amphetamine Reptile or Touch & Go days. Righteous. (Temporary Residence)

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