Sunday, December 28, 2008

Susanna - "Flower Of Evil" CD

Norwegian pianist/vocalist Susanna Karolina Wallumrød has, with only her second solo album, re-interpreted a series of unlikely rock songs as beautifully melancholic modern folk/torch tracks. Songs by Thin Lizzy, ('Jailbreak'), Sandy Denny ('Who Knows Where The Time Goes'), Lou Reed ('Vicious'), Nico ('Janitor Of Lunacy'), Black Sabbath ('Changes'), Tom Petty ('Don't Come Around Here No More'), Abba ('Lay All Your Love On Me') and others are transformed into near-mystical, intimate, and sublimely personal laments. Wallumrød's crystalline, sparse vocals are remarkably pure and natural, sounding like a cross between Cat Power, P.J. Harvey, and Marketa Irglova (of the 'Once' soundtrack). Louisville's own Will Oldham himself lends his guest vocals to 2 songs here, and finds himself covered as well ('Joy And Jubilee'). His duet with Susanna, on Prince's 'Without You', is either one of his finest, most heart-rending performances ever, or one his most overdramatic. I still can't decide which. Nonetheless, it's something to behold. Susanna's 2 originals here are lonely, understated, and just beautiful in a stark, unadorned way. An incredible singer and one to chase down, for sure. (Rune Grammofon)

Susanna's website

Here's a promo video for Susanna's melancholic rendition of Joy Division's classic 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'...

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