Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pete M. Wyer - "Stories From The City At Night" CD

Brighton, UK-based composer/sound designer Wyer here creates a series of vivid and cinematic spoken-text tracks, accompanied by lush and filmic atmospheric backdrops. Wyer's use of field recordings provides a real-life and dirty vibe for his otherwise well-orchestrated mini-soundtracks. Each song here is a part of a puzzle, or possibly an independent vignette - dissecting life within New York City. It's all done in a romantic and stylish, almost beat-poetry fashion. From the gruff and resonant voice of Wally Burr (on the 18-minute opener 'Rain At Night') to the smoky jazz/lounge vibes of 'Somebody', with Carol Lipnik. 'Dina's Diner' is a cool beat-jazz poetry piece with Caryn Havlik's voice and Matthew Shipp's piano, among others. 'Night Ride By Subway Car' is a more ominous bit of late-night (near-industrial) ambiance, with words by Thirsty Ear label-head Peter Gordon. 'Pray For Me' features award-winning actress Jenny Agutter on a sorrowful and dramatic goodbye, and 'Imprint' ends it all with a brief and hopeful whistle. A tasteful and artful set of urban soundtracks that are well worth a listen. (Thirsty Ear)

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