Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"Blood Harvest" (director: Bill Rebane)

This 1987 low-budget slasher/horror flick is notable really only for starring the inimitable Tiny Tim (as the weirdo clown-dressing brother Mervo who sings his odd little songs throughout the film), as well as an early appearance by Peter Krause, who would, years later, go on to play Nate on the superb HBO series 'Six Feet Under'.
Otherwise, there's not a lot to go on. Itonia Salchek plays Jill, a lovely young lady who returns to her small hometown only to find her parents missing. Her creepy childhood friend (and his freaky aforementioned brother) appears, and makes the usual advances on her while her boyfriend (Krause) goes missing, too. Things get hairy for Jill, culminating in a finale that's pretty typical of 80's slashers. Nothing extraordinary as far as blood/gore goes (it's pretty mild, really), and the nubile Salchek appears topless a few times, but really, this film would barely garner an 'R' rating these days. Nah.

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