Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Black Angels - "Directions To See A Ghost" CD

Taking from the more noise-drenched psychedelic aspects of the Velvet Underground and Spacemen 3, this Texan group's second full-lengther is a dark and deep acid-drenched collection of songs that evoke a stoned-out ritual. There's the tremolo drones and space-freakouts of guitarist Christian Bland (imagine if early Spacemen 3 met Helios Creed), and the powerful tribal drums of Stephanie Bailey, and the distant, reverbed vocals of Alex Maas, all escorted to other planets alongside bandmates Nathan Ryan (bass) and Jennifer Raines (organ). The album culminates in the 16 minute closer, 'Snake In The Grass', which almost approaches a kind of motorik kraut mantra. Beautiful! These guys aren't heading towards any pop-radio play at all, this is heady stuff for phasing/blissing out to. More, please! (Light In The Attic)

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