Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Controlled Bleeding "Sundance, NY 11.19.89" + RIP Chris Moriarty

I didn't ever know Chris Moriarty (who passed away March 22), but I was a huge fan of his work with respected industrial/noise act Controlled Bleeding (as well as satellite groups Skin Chamber and Body Clock). Group leader Paul Lemos, along with Moriarty and third CB member Joe Papa, played a Wax Trax! Records showcase, as I recall, in New York (their home), way back in 1989. Some of this material is their more beat-oriented, "commercial" industrial dance period, which Lemos now regrets, but really, it was pretty solid work in the same vein as Front Line Assembly or Revolting Cocks. About half of this show was also the group's more ambient, funereal music, featuring the mournful vocals of Papa. So it certainly wasn't a 'sellout', by any means. Anyhow, this show was recorded by a friend with a tape recorder, and thus the sound is not exactly CD-worthy, but still a nice document of a time long passed. And a tribute to a fallen comrade. Controlled Bleeding

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