Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Autistic Daughters - "Uneasy Flowers" CD

Drifty and sparse, yet melodic indie rock kinda sounds from New Zealand guitarist/vocalist Dean Roberts and his band. 'Uneasy Flowers' blurs the lines between your standard guitar/bass/drums/vocal kinda setup and more bare-bones minimalist construction, much like the wonderful Low and their mellow, shimmering moodiness. Similarly, Roberts' vocals and lyrics are somber and soft-spoken, yet more prominent and focused than in his past work. 'Uneasy Flowers' is a thematic album, with all tracks linked together lyrically. The subject is a character called Rehana, whose path is traced and described as a nomadic and ragged figure with a sort of tragic outlook. Looking for something a little on the sad and lonely side? Autistic Daughters provides the soundtrack, with a nicely subtle air and plenty of rich, gauzy textures. (Kranky)

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