Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Psyche - “Unveiling The Secret” CD

Dark synth-pop masterpiece 

Edmonton electro duo Psyche’s sophomore album, this one originally from 1986, is a decided progression from their harsher horror-tinged debut. From the onset, the opening cut, “Thundershowers”, shows a slicker, more elegant electro-pop direction. Vocalist Darrin Huss’s melodic pipes are up front, while brother Stephen’s analogue keyboard programming fills the rest of the space admirably with a dark, filmic edge. 

“Caught In The Act” is a more mischievous, malevolent spirit. “The Darkside” showcases Stephen’s skill at cinematic instrumentals, before the legendary “Prisoner To Desire” reveals itself with a beautifully smooth yet melancholic dance-club angle. “The Saint Became A Lush” is another classic, with a foreboding horror edge, yet still remaining somehow stylish and classy. The whole album dates very well, and the remaster sounds great.

Extra tracks are plentiful here, too, making this the definitive version of this classic electro-pop album. Highlights include the dark, shadowy “The Crawler” and the electro-thrash of “Screaming’ Machine”. “Waiting For The Stranger” is another heavier electro-stomper with a bend towards Psyche’s earlier blood-and-guts horror sound. Listeners to this reissue also get extra remixes of “Unveiling The Secret” and “Unveiling The Secret”, both of which extend the tracks into clubland, plus some previously unreleased cuts. A superb release that deserves much attention to fans of both dark electro-pop and proto-industrial dance sounds. Psyche were there, and “Unveiling The Secret” is proof positive that they were ahead of the game even 30 years ago!

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