Monday, July 13, 2015

“The Point” DVD (director: Fred Wolf)

Charming kids fable with classic folkie Nilsson

This beloved children’s cartoon from 1971 is as charming as it gets, really. Featuring some old school pen and ink animation, and based on (and featuring) songs by the great Harry Nilsson, this is a timeless fable that’s suited for pretty much any age.

It’s the tale of Oblio — a boy born into the Land of Point, where everyone and everything has a “point” on their head. Oblio is round-headed. Suffice to say, Oblio gets into trouble when a mean-spirited pointy boy picks on him and gets him (and his trusty dog Arrow) banished from their society. Oblio goes on an adventure and learns many lessons on his travels in the Pointless Forest.

Cute and educational without being too preachy or heavy-handed, “The Point” includes the voice talents of Mike Lookinland (aka Bobby Brady) and Ringo Starr (the narrator). And Nilsson’s beloved folk songs throughout give this one a homespun and human element that much of today’s animated features lack.

A wonderful film for kids or adults alike.

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