Sunday, November 9, 2014

“My Name Is A By Anonymous” DVD (director: Shane Ryan)

Tragic, affecting, and harrowing indie

Now, this is one disturbing flick. It’s loosely based on the true story of teenage murderer Alyssa Bustamonte, who killed a friend just for kicks, and that whole nihilistic mindset is echoed here. Filmed on a handi-cam in parts for a hyper-realistic texture, “My Name Is A is not horror, per se, but simply horrific. It’s a tough to stomach film that absolutely nails the bottoming out of modern teens at the hands of abuse, bullying, and peer pressure. 

Following several girls who one by one unravel until they all converge upon a terrible fate, “My Name Is A” features all unknown actresses, all of whom do fantastic and believable work here (especially Alex Damiano, who is more than convincing in her role as abused teen with awful secrets). Realistic beyond arthouse, this film can't help but be affecting. I left shocked and almost sad. Sure, this one’s very much a low-budget indie, but don’t let that stop you — "My Name Is A" stands out from the pack with a very realistic punch to the gut.

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