Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sex Pistols - “On TV - The TV Interviews Uncensored” DVD

Cool set of TV clips

So, you’d think after all this time that all the Sex Pistols TV appearances would’ve been released, officially or not. Maybe they have, but this 2+ hour collection performs reasonably well as a kind of historical document of the Pistols, from their inception to the reunions nearly 40 years later.

Far from being any kind of comprehensive set of Pistols TV spots (that would take a serious bootlegger years to assemble), “On TV” pairs some moldy oldie UK TV interviews and news bits (featuring Rotten, Jones, Matlock, Cook, Vicious, McLaren, Vivienne Westwood, and other punk icons like David Vanian and Pete Shelley) with plenty of live footage and brings it all together in chronological order, up to the 2006 reunions and beyond. 

As well, we get a wealth of always-entertaining interviews with Lydon, including some from the early Public Image years and newer ones that reveal that he has all of his trademark cunning insults and cynicism still firmly in place. Maybe there’s a little too much regarding McLaren himself, but as it stands, “On TV” still should please staunch Sex Pistols fans, and those interested in this band’s meteoric rise and fall, especially in relation to the fickle British media.

Cool release, and worth the dosh, ya git!

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