Friday, April 11, 2014

DeeperNET - "One" CD

Top-shelf electronica

Portland, Oregon-based sound designer Andrew Miles here presents his debut release, as DeeperNET, and it's a well-done mix of trance techno and ambient electronica. Opening with the 9-minute deep goa pulses of "Elementary Particles", the psy-trance elements of "Mind At Large" even harbor some industrial elements alongside the steady 4/4 beats and celestial sequences.

"The Eagle Has Landed" is a nearly 9-minute techno-goa beast, while "Tiny Paper Squares" is another insistent rhythmic pulse, with percolating analogue sequences and intricate programming. "Moksha" opens with a lovely deep-space ambiance, and "Neptune" is darkened black light electro that would fit perfectly well on a club floor sandwiched between Front Line Assembly and some hypnotic trance thumper.

"One" is a perfectly realized album of extended deep club cuts that don't approach any outward commerciality, thankfully. Miles' powerful and clean electro-trance is dark, edgy, and more than enjoyable to these (usually) jaded ears.


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