Saturday, January 4, 2014

Nine Inch Nails - "Sound & Vision" 2xDVD

Well-done collector's set (with caveat)

As another unauthorized repackaging job from Pride Productions (aka Chrome Dreams), this double-DVD documentary set is recommended only for those who are aware of it's contents. I figure, since this is a review, I should be responsible and forewarn serious fans.

The first disc is actually "Metal Machine Music - Nine Inch Nails And The Industrial Uprising", reviewed by me already here:

So, I needn't go into details on that one. 

The second disc is a collection of seemingly random TV interviews with Trent Reznor -- ranging from early 90s Canadian TV stuff to mid-2000s "With Teeth" and soundtrack-era clips. Despite the shady premise here, there are many great insights to be had (at least for NIN fans like myself). In short, this is a superb collection.

Again, nowhere on the package does it state exactly what 2 DVDs are included, so those who already own "Metal Machine Music" may feel ripped off. At least the second interview disc (which I couldn't find under any other name) holds some good info and entertainment value. 

It pays to be a skeptic on releases like this one, but thankfully there remains enough quality content to make this one worthwhile to fans.

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