Monday, December 16, 2013

"Linda Lovelace's Loose Lips: The Last Interview With Legs McNeil" DVD (directors: Alex Chmaj and Legs McNeil)

Revealing doc on tragic porn star

Built around the legendary Linda Lovelace's final interview (before a tragic auto accident in 2002), this excellent documentary places it into a historical context with plenty of side interviews and footage from her short-lived film career. For those not in the know, Lovelace was the star of 1972's "Deep Throat" -- the largest grossing hardcore porno of all-time, and the film that in considered to have made adult film "mainstream". At the time, Lovelace seemed destined for superstardom, but she quickly retreat from the adult entertainment scene, and even spent years rallying against it.

This documentary attempts to answer some of the questions left behind by Lovelace and her claims that she was forced to do "blue movies" by her abusive and powerful manager-husband. Some holes are poked in many of Lovelace's comments, and indeed Lovelace seems to have been proven (at worst) a liar (and at best, a deluded and sad mental case). 

The saga of "Deep Throat" is a fascinating one, and it's peppered with all kinds of sensational claims (Lovelace's reported abuse, mafia involvement, the Anti-Porn Movement that followed, and the Hollywood insiders who befriended Lovelace -- Hugh Hefner, Sammy Davis Jr, and others). "Loose Lips" attempts to tie up some of these loose ends, and is an engrossing and entertaining look at a complex -- and troubled -- individual who never seemed to find the peace (or notoriety) she so desperately desired.

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