Saturday, August 17, 2013

b.o.s.c.h. - "Apparat" CD

Rammstein clones

This German band certainly owes a lot to their more famous countrymen in Rammstein or Oomph! Tracks like "Engel" are near-perfect clones of Rammstein's electro-tinged metal. There's the big riffs and gruff vocals, and the backdrop of simplistic electronic sequences. It's all there. Which would be great if there weren't already a Rammstein in the world. Or an Oomph!, or an Eisbrecher.

"Schwarze Sonne" is certainly effective enough in it's attack -- strong production, big rock elements, and borderline evil vocals. But, I'm at a loss with b.o.s.c.h.'s all-too-derivative sound. There's just nothing here that hasn't been done a decade or more earlier by Rammstein, Oomph!, or even some of Laibach's early rock/metal experiments. "Apparat" is the band's second album, but here's to finding a more individual and unique sound next time.

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