Saturday, July 27, 2013

Darkall Slaves - "Abysses Of Seclusion" CDS

Potent technical death metal from France

A short, limited-edition 3-song single from this new French blastbeat/death metal act, this all begins with the atmospheric "Intro". The frenzied "Mindless Damnation" follows, and is a raging assault of distortion, ferocious riffs, insane rhythms, and gutteral vocals. The title track brings a similar sound, with some unusually odd and complex structures (reminiscent a bit of Meshuggah) and another breakneck pace.

It's all produced very well, with clean highs and lows, and this is some really well-done technical death metal with a precise, almost mechanical assault that reminds a bit of Fear Factory, which works well. Highly enjoyable, but at only 10 minutes, all too short.

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