Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Witches Of God - "The Blood Of Others" CD

This Los Angeles band's debut smokes in a big post-Black Sabbath way. 

All the genre's staples are here, from the gargantuan, way-out stoner-psyche riffs of "Devils III" to the massive space-metal beast that is the title track. "Higher Than The Heavens" is most certainly the acid-dropping offspring of Ozzy, Geezer, Tony, and Bill. "The Horror" features guest vocals from Scott "Wino" Weinrich of St. Vitus, The Obsessed, and Shrinebuilder), and moves from heavy rock to weird, evil tribal sounds. Absolutely great stuff here. I consider this the album's high point, but give it all a listen and see for yourself.

All said, "The Blood Of Others" is an excellent stoner metal album that brings the bongs and blown speakers. Amen, brothers. And I love the cover art.  

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