Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Mick Vs. Keith: The Strange Case of Jagger & Richards" 2xDVD

From the British kings of unauthorized bios, Chrome Dreams, comes this double-set of DVDs examining both of the Rolling Stones' guiding lights. And, as often is the case with these sets, it's a disguised reissuing of two older titles, simply packaged into a new slipcase. Shamefully, nowhere on the packaging does it mention the titles included within. So many serious fans will feel that they've been duped. And they have!

The first disc is "The Roaring 20s - Mick Jagger's Glory Years", which I have already reviewed here:

The second DVD is "Keith Richards - Under Review", which is a 2-hour documentary from 2007 that examines the charismatic Rolling Stones guitarist and madman, from his early years to his appearance with Johnny Depp in "Pirates Of The Caribbean". I won't fault the content, as it's a concise and well-studied look at the man at his heights and lulls. 

Still, I expect some semblance of accountability with Chrome Dreams' deceptive marketing. I mean, packaging a pair of older titles together at a discount is fine, as long as fans realize what they're buying. Shame on you, Chrome Dreams. 

As a caveat, this set is quite a fine set for Stones collectors. Just beware.

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