Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lou Reed With Nico and John Cale - "Paris 1972" DVD

Filmed for French TV, this quick VHS-transfer of dubious origin is a superb history piece, and contains some fine music. Trouble is, "Paris 1972" runs well under a half-hour in total, is of poor-to-fair quality black & white, and has issues with the audio going out of synch with the video. Haphazard, yes. Historically valid, yes. 

It's great to see newly-solo Reed reunited with his old Velvet Underground bandmates, including the marvelously beautiful Nico and the studious Cale, and although the quality of this release leaves something to be desired, it's still a worthy document, and a must-see for serious Velvets fans. 

(XXL Media)

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