Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Footsteps" DVD (director: E.H. Evans)

This British indie film introduces Nicholas Bool as Andrew -- a troubled, alienated, apathetic, and nihilistic young man who, after a series of life setbacks, finds himself involved in an underground ring of violent murder video filmmaking. "Footsteps" is reasonably well-done visually, but very quiet, bringing the disturbing elements more to the fore.

However, as a viewer, I fail to empathize for Andrew due to his virtually catatonic personality. Sure, the wooden performance was likely intended to illustrate the character's withdrawal from conventional society, but I could not connect enough to care. To it's credit, "Footsteps" brings plenty of gory knife-fight scenes, but still, this one doesn't quite make it. (Unearthed Films)

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