Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Indemnity: Rage Of A Jealous Vampire" DVD (director: David Dietz)

This short (60 minute) micro-indie film has some fair scripting and acting, but it never quite gets off the ground. Produced by, directed by, and starring David Dietz, this is a tale of a man being relentlessly pursued by an ex-lover, who coincidentally is a murderous, bloodthirsty vampire. The man holes up in a bar, where he encounters the town bullies and a wise bartender, who exposes his own story.

Suffice to say, "Indemnity" tries to be twisty and unpredictable, but doesn't hit the mark well enough. The sex and blood are even sparse to nonexistent. I have to say, I lost interest quickly. At least it was mercifully brief! And to add to the woes, my copy (a professionally-duplicated DVDR), had several digital glitches and moments of poor color and video quality. Sadly, this is one to avoid on all counts. (WWMM)

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