Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Black Flag - "Live" DVD

This old VHS transfer captures the band in their Henry Rollins days, in front of a British crowd in 1984. It begins with a daring Rollins reading Henry Miller to the rowdy punk rock audience, certainly a harbinger of his future as a stand-up comic and writer/storyteller. Nonetheless, this soon devolves into a melee of abrasive and wild hardcore/punk, complete with a shirtless Rollins bellowing his lyrics like a feisty bulldog. The band, led by the innovative guitar of Greg Ginn, amply back up the charismatic Rollins, as they roar through classics like "Nervous Breakdown", "Slip It In", "Six Pack", "My War", and plenty more.

It's a fine document of an era long gone, and though watchers should not expect an HD-quality experience, this is a great and rare look at one of American punk's legends. And for Rollins fans, a place to see a thinner, long-haired Rollins in his more youthful, raw element. (Visionary via MVD Visual)

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