Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Elvis Found Alive" DVD (director: Joel Gilbert)

Purporting to have located the real Elvis, now living under witness protection in California, infamous director Gilbert here "interviews" the man (with face obscured) about his life before and after his supposed (staged) death. Citing his involvement with the DEA and the Feds in defeating the "Communist" plague and the anti-American sentiments of the far left in the 60's and 70's, "Elvis" here explains it all. Thankfully, it's a fairly well-done historical look at the King, and Gilbert has tons of fine archival footage and photos to share.

Sure, this is a mockumentary of sorts, and Gilbert is easily attempting to stir sensationalism in favor of sales. That's a given. The voice of "Elvis" is far too measured and steady, being far too close to the real man's young days, and his stammering is rehearsed as well. A real conversation would not normally be as clean. So, I have serious doubts. This is an obvious hoax.

As a documentary with a novel twist, "Elvis Is Alive" is perfectly fine. Sure, some die-hard Elvis fans consider this some kid of sacrilege, but I found it rather fun. (MVD Visual)

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