Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Winchester Club - "Negative Liberty" CD

The second album from a London-based instrumental post-rock act, Winchester Club's driving, swirling rock will be most appreciated by fans of stuff like Explosions In The Sky or the shoegazer set. You know the formula already: tension-building guitars and pummeling drums, double bass players, dramatic dynamism, and moments of lonely quiet interspersed within tumultuous cascades of guitar. There's only 5 tracks here, but they are, after all, lengthy pieces. Witness the 12-minutes of "The Lonely Robot", or the gradual 15-minute build-up of "R.D. Laing (Little Chemical Straightjackets)". They haven't really found their own unique voice yet, but, nonetheless, this is fine work. (Exile On Mainstream)

Winchester Club site


bloodshot23 said...

Checking it out right now on MOG... not bad.

bloodshot23 said...

Checking it out now on MOG..