Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Unexplained Explained: Ghostly Paranormal Activity" DVD

English filmmaker Paul Wookey here collaborates with psychic Diane Howe and a small film crew to attempt to document some paranormal activity in the historic Anchor Pub in Dales, England. It succeeds, mostly.

The large part of this 75-minute documentary is Wookey interviewing eyewitnesses and historians about the area and it's dark history. The conclusion is a Ouija-style seance where some rather seedy spirits make their presence known.

This is a rather amateurish affair, to be sure, and it skirts the lines between believability and skepticism. Still, with the great atmospheres of the dingy old English pub, I found myself drawn in to the ceremony and mood. A fun, if unessential piece for fans of "Ghost Hunters" or "Ghost Adventures". (World Wide Multi Media via MVD Visual)

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