Saturday, September 24, 2011

"Nico Escondido's Grow Like A Pro" DVD

Presented by High Times, this extensive, informative, and fun tutorial shows, first hand, all the best ways to grow your herb, courtesy of internationally-respected horticulturist and writer Nico Escondido.

Visiting medicinal gardens in Colorado and California, Escondido demonstrates successful growing techniques and green-friendly ways to maximize harvests without undue environmental stress. As well, he looks at growing conditions, ventilation, fertilization, pest control, and every essential aspect of farming. As a host, he's knowledgeable, likeable, and charismatic. In short, even for non-growers like me, this is a lively and entertaining watch. At around 2 hours, this is superb, and essential for true aficionados. "Grow Like A Pro" may be the most comprehensive documentary on medicinal marijuana production ever produced. Get this! (High Times Productions)


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