Monday, June 6, 2011

Decree - "Fateless" CD

Every few years, Vancouver electronic producer Chris Peterson (known for his work with Front Line Assembly) gathers some friends and unleashes his heavier, denser, and blacker industrial and noise work as Decree. "Fateless" is the band's third release, and it opens with the bleakly majestic "Finite Years", marrying thunderous martial drums with maniacal declarations and grinding guitars. "The Prey" is a slow-churn descent into a nihilistic abyss. "Bloodthirst" is another intense blast of dynamic Sturm-und-Drang that's as orchestral as it is feral. "Night And Fog" is blistering, paranoid noise that would be amazing in a horror film. "Faded Glory" ends it all with a 7-minute torrent of overloaded rhythms, noise, densely-mixed grind, and shouted vox. Intimidating? Yes. Powerful? Certainly. Cleansing? Definitely. Decree are a powerhouse that mops the floor with all the dance-club bands masquerading as "industrial". (Artoffact Records)

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