Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Julian Assange: A Modern Day Hero? Inside The World Of WikiLeaks" DVD

This simply-packaged DVD had me slightly discouraged at first. I mean, 3 hours examining a man who I knew little about? No worries. This turned out to be an engrossing and informative (and unbiased) documentary on the effects and intentions of the publicized (and maligned non-profit) WikiLeaks project, and its figurehead, Australian computer hacker Julian Assange.

Providing a necessary "full disclosure" on often classified and top-secret government dealings and documents, Wikileaks exposes truths, be them good or bad, and endeavors to (at great personal risk) set the information free upon the world. Corporate greed is also a target (and rightfully so), as WikiLeaks has also brought to light some illegal dealings behind closed doors of some of the world's largest banks and corporations. Not surprisingly, WikiLeaks has been assailed by legal sharks, shadowy government-funded groups, and "black suits" in retaliation for these information "leaks".

Assange is the primary subject here, and a large part of this DVD consists of presentations he gave in recent years in front of international media and live audiences. This is fascinating conspiracy theory stuff, minus the theory. Simply put, Assange and his team of hundreds of journalists, transmedia artists, and anonymous donors strive to make the world a more transparent (and honest) place. This DVD is a perfect primer, and deserves an even wider audience. I say broadcast this on prime-time national TV. Ah, to be idealistic. Anyway, this one's essential viewing for modern-day thinking heads. (Blow Whistle Blow Films via MVD Visual)


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