Thursday, April 14, 2011

Earth - "A Bureaucratic Desire For Extra-Capsular Extraction" CD

Among Olympia, Washington's most innovative and influential acts, Earth are immense. A major inspiration on one Kurt Cobain (who, incidentally, appears here), this is a reissued collection of early work from 1990, making this the earliest recorded Earth material. In contrast to the band's more recent atmospheric work, this is low-and-slow drone/doom metal. Think an instrumental Melvins, and you'd be in the same family. "Ouroboros Is Broken" is 18 minutes of throbbing, ebbing riff and Alesis drum machine -- like Godflesh all strung out, and in slow motion. 'Geometry Of Murder" is doom-grunge of the first order, while "Divine And Bright" has some mumbled vocals from Cobain. But that's just window dressing, as they say. The focus here is on the huge ten-ton riffage and alternating drone and pummel. "A Bureaucratic Desire" is Earth at their most monumental and gigantic. (Southern Lord)


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