Thursday, April 7, 2011

Across Tundras - "Sage" album

After a number of obscure and limited albums, this Nashville-based group finally gets their due with their first release on Neurot. Starting things off with the thick, molasses rock of "In The Name Of River Grand", this group's attack is multi-pronged. On one hand, they're a heavy rock band with roots in extreme metal. But the moods and textures here are distinctly Americana, with country, western and Appalachian themes around the edges. For example, "Buried Arrows" is a country-folk tune at heart, but played with louder amps. "Tchulu Junction" is a slow-burn crusher with enough epic peaks and valleys to please any Neurosis or Swans fan. "Mean Season Movin' On" is a 12-minute mountain of huge post-Hawkwind psychedelic space rock, and the closer, "Shunka Sapa" is another wandering psyche-metal jam that proves that these guys are at the top of their game. Splendid work! (Neurot Recordings)

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