Monday, January 24, 2011

Atlantean Kodex - "The Golden Bough" CD

This German band's first studio full-length is a harkening back to the days of denim and leather, with the sound of classic melodic metal, and extravagant fantasy/sword & sorcery imagery. The music is pure, rooted-in-the-80s, and old-school, with superb production and Markus Becker's melodic vocals. Some call this 'epic metal', and I could agree with that description. There's nothing too harsh or ear-damaging on "The Golden Bough", just a series of galloping guitar rockers with complexity and Tolkien-esque imagery. The band is definitely tight and qualified, and fans of big stadium metal "like they used to play" will certainly enjoy Atlantean Kodex. (Cruz Del Sur Records)

Atlantean Kodexspace

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