Saturday, December 4, 2010

David Bowie - "Rare And Unseen" DVD

These unauthorized DVDs tread dangerously close to glorified bootleg status, but this 64-minute collection of Bowie interviews proves to be interesting and well-worthy for fans of this rock legend's extensive catalog. Centered around a rather poor and directionless interview by UK TV personality Russell Harty (who asked Bowie condescending, inane and sensational questions), this set inexplicably fails to document contexts for the clips, often juxtaposing 1970s-era interviews with 90s, seemingly without reason or relation. Points off for that. And Bowie's actual music was not licensed, either, so a celebrity imposter chimes in with sounds between clips. But those gripes aside, this was a really fascinating watch. Bowie is a complex individual who synthesizes avante and left-field musics and places them into a more pop/rock context. Genius or charlatan, he's great fun to watch. Overall, "Rare And Unseen" is an engrossing and informative (yet flawed) look at Bowie the man, and well worthy for serious fans. (MVD Visual)

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